Greetings from National Tsing Hua University



Dear Tsing Hua Alumni,


2020 is the 109th anniversary since the founding of National Tsing Hua University as well as the school’s 64th anniversary since being established in Taiwan. National Tsing Hua University continues to press forward, creating a diverse education and developing talented, interdisciplinary individuals. The efforts of our faculty, students, and alumni continue to bear fruit and contribute to society.


2020 has thus been a challenging year. As the pandemic continues to sweep the world, our faculty and students have banded together as one against the virus by implementing distance learning and establishing temperature measurement checkpoints, etc. Many of our alumni are also devoting every effort to contribute across the world for the fight against this unseen enemy.


We would like to send our greetings during these challenging times to let our alumni across the world know that we care and that NTHU will forever provide you with support. As former president Dr. Shen Chun-Shan once said, “every one of us was once an element of a star in the past”. We hope that in the darkest hour, NTHU alumni continue to stay strong and be the starlight that illuminates the darkness to create hope and kindness in these difficult times.


Each of alumni is a precious member of Tsing Hua family. Regardless of where you are, we hope to remain in contact with you. Hopefully, we can gather again soon.


Best wishes,


Hong Hocheng

President of National Tsing Hua University

April 2020



※ We look forward to hearing from you. Please update your personal information. If you update your personal information in the following link before May 31, 2020, we will gift you a souvenir only available to Tsing Hua alumni.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact NTHU Alumni Service Center!

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