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Tsinghua Hall of Fame


The Tsinghua Hall of Fame was established to honor those members of the Tsinghua community who have made outstanding contributions to the school, society, and nation, such that they now serve as impeccable role models for students around the world.

The Tsinghua Hall of Fame was the brainchild of NTHU president of Shen Chun-shan. The Hall of Fame is located in a building which previously served as the campus guest house. Since its remodeling, this building now serves as the reception center, a multi-functional activity space, and one section of the school's Digital History Museum. The five large characters on the name plaque are copies of the calligraphy of Hu Shi. The lobby wall is embossed with busts of NTHU president Mei Yi-Chi and four illustrious Tsinghua teachers. Inside is a reception hall with busts of Yang Chen-ning, Lee Yuan-tseh, Hu Shih and Sun Li-jen.

Established on December 19, 2013

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