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National Tsing Hua University Alumni Application for Academic Transcript(s) or Re-issue of Degree Certificate(s)


Method of Application:

(1) Entrust the Alumni Service Center to apply:

1. Steps:
(1) Download the application form.
(2) E-mail to alumni@my.nthu.edu.tw with the name of the applicant as the subject and in the mail, please specify the method of contact and the address of the applicant.
(3) The Alumni Service Center will reply to your application by e-mail, within 3 working days, regarding the amount of the fees for the applied documents and postage.
(4) In the event that you do not receive any reply within 3 working days, kindly e-mail or telephone to remind us.
(5) Upon receiving the payment notice by e-mail, kindly do the needful.
(6) The Alumni Service Center shall mail the applied documents by registered post to you.

2. Cost:
(1) Academic transcript and each type of document, NTD 20 per sheet.
(2) Sealed envelope, NTD 5 each.
(3) Degree Certificate, NTD 100 per copy.
(4) Postage: As per the Chunghwa Post website.
3. Download application form: Application form for academic transcripts, supporting documents and certificate reissue (When applying for the first time for documents in English, kindly attach a copy of your passport)
4. Method of Payment:
    (1) By ATM transfer: E.SUN Bank (code 808), account number: 0060-951-891666, and please e-mail to inform the name, transfer date, transfer amount and the last 5 digits of the transfer.
    (2) Download soft copy of Credit Card Payment Authorization Form, send back to alumni@my.nthu.edu.tw after filling in the form.

(2) Come in person to the University to apply (Division of Registration): Use the Transcript Automatic Payment Machine to print copies, it is situated at:
1. Floor 1, University Administration, next to the Division of Correspondence and Documentation (24/24 service)
2. Courtyard of the University Administration

(3) Apply for Academic Transcript and Degree Certificate via the Division of Registration, link to the website:
Main Campus: Please click                                                                            

Nanda Campus: Please click

Click Num: