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Instructions for the Application of the NTHU Alumni Membership and Library Cards

1. Application for NTHU Alumni Membership Card

1.1 Applicant qualifications: Those with the following qualifications can apply for an Alumni Membership Card:  

  • A degree from this University.
  • Those certified by this University as eligible for alumni.
  • Honorary Doctor, Honorary Alumni.
  • Those who have studied at this University, have made extraordinary contributions to it, are certified by the Office of the Secretary as such and who will process the related college or institute matters.

1.2 Category and Fees (donation receipt will be issued after payment)                                                                              


Fees (NTD)



Annual Alumni Membership Card


One year


Lifetime Alumni Card



New graduates (within 3 months of graduation) can enjoy a preferential price of NTD 3,000 (starting from the graduation month as mentioned on their diplomas)

2. The application procedure for the Alumni Card:

  1. Have completed University-leaving formalities.
  2. Documents to prepare:
  • One 2-Inch or personal full-face photograph.
  • Your graduation certificate (for those applicants that do not have their data in the Alumni system).
  1. Application method:
  1. Payment method: Those who have completed the application for, or the reissue of, the NTHU Alumni Membership Card will not be refunded unless for a special reason.
  2. By ATM transfer: E.SUN Bank (code 808), account number: 0060-951-891666, and please e-mail to inform the name, transfer date, transfer amount and the last 5 digits of the transfer.
  3. Fill in the credit card authorization form in the Application Form of Alumni Membership Card , and then return it to alumni@my.nthu.edu.tw.
  1. Number of working days: It takes about 5 working days, excluding holidays, from the receipt of the application form, photo and payment to process them.
  2. Receipt of documents: Collect in person or receive by post.


3. Additional Formalities for the Application of the Library Card

  1. Alumni Library Card:
  • The Alumnus/Alumna, with a valid Alumni Card , may proceed to the Library (main) and apply for his/her borrowing rights after payment of an annual fee of NTD 500 for a Library card and a guarantee deposit of NTD 3,000, refundable without interest upon his/her decision not to renew the card.
  • Description of the borrowing rights with the Alumni Library Card: Detailed contents.
  1. Friends of the Library Card: Alumni, with valid library cards, may apply for a Friends of the Library Card for their spouses and immediate family members aged over 16 years old. Detailed contents


Any question regarding the additional formalities for the application of the Library Card, please call the Library on 03-5742997

Time of application for Library card:

Monday to Friday (Mid-semester): 08:00 - 17:00, 18:00 - 22:00

Monday to Friday (Summer & Winter Vacations): 08:00 - 17:00, 18:00 - 20:00

Saturday to Sunday: 10:00 - 12:30, 14:00 - 18:00